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A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

As the old saying goes, "A picture tells a thousand words". Never a truer word was said. There are many examples of admiration. I have always been fascinated with the beauty, and the power of art, of all kinds. The poets, the writers, the painters, the challengers of the status quo.

I grew up in the Cold War era, and amidst the decline of the British Empire, at that time. My book #4, Northern ECHO, relates to that period, but #3, Cold COURAGE and #5, Gipsy MOTH relate to a more romantic time, a golden age of exploration, change, and empowerment in the 1910s, 20s, and 30s.

I love to visit art auctions, and over the years I have accumulated a very modest collection of eclectic art. From mezzotints of a Lightening storm at Sea to panographs of Austalia, various watercolors including of The Lakes where I grew up, to an interpretation of William Turners, Mountain Torrent, by Helen Kemp-Welch.

But here are some of my most favorite artists of today:

Jack Vettriano has always been a source of inspiration. I have forever loved the balance of mystery and romance in his paintings and found his composition and subject matter fascinating. A fellow Scotsman, a pioneer, and imaginations that not only meet popular demand but stimulate the more inquisitive mind too.

Shepard Fairey made a splash with his campaign poster of Barack Obama, but his work is a legacy that will live on beyond today through the iconic work that he continues to produce, entice, and excite, including his We the People series, and Queen Elizabeth II.

And then last, but by no means, and certainly not least, is the immensely talented Kathrin Longhurst and her stirringly, beautiful, and iconic art. A fellow Cold War child, living in Australia, she expresses a certain mood and message through her striking work.

I hope to include art of some nature into all of my writings, in many and different ways, but no less so than these three amazing, life-changing and influential pioneers.

Thank you for your inspiration. Jack Vettriano, Shepard Fairey, and, of course, the brilliant Kathrin Longhurst Keep on Challenging the Status Quo for that is how we will continue to progress and optimize our power of potential.

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