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Guest Article: Why Punk Has Changed Business Forever!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

It might sound strange using the words ‘punk’ and ‘business’ in the same sentence, but the rebellious movement might have actually changed business for the better.

Many stodgy, old-fashioned firms have been transformed by ‘punky’ upstarts and disrupters who ripped up the business rulebook and rewrote it by challenging the status quo.

As the original punk movement emerged in the 1970s, there was a lot wrong in the world – especially in the UK. There was a deep recession, historically high unemployment and because political leaders refused to negotiate with unions, large-scale strikes crippled companies and industries alike.

The youth of the day were in vehement opposition to the establishment because they believed it presented them with nothing but a dead-end existence and excuses. It was that feeling of disenfranchisement that fuelled the punk movement.

Unlike earlier movements punk took charge and was a true catalyst for change. The youth was fully-vested because they saw that their future that was in the hands of these so-called leaders. One thing they were sure of is that society had to change...[READ MORE]

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