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Music Project: Suit | The (Black) Dog

Updated: Jan 3, 2021



Super excited to to have collaborated with Eric Drake in the creation of his musical experiment, SUIT VOL.1: BIRTHDAY - a collection of tunes from Americana and beyond, of happiness, frustration, fun loving - a fist pumping, toe tapping collection of tunes that I am sure you're gonna like.

I was especially privileged and proud to collaborate with Eric on The Dog, a tale of the darkness of depression, and as Sir. Winston himself called it, The Black Dog.

Here's a taster, SUIT | The Dog - I hope you like it as much as I did working with Eric.

Download and listen to the whole album

Find SUIT music at these and probably dozens of other streaming sites:

Band Camp: (recommended to support indie artists)

A few words from Mr. Eric Drake himself

Here you are. 2020-2030 - Extraordinary and unprecedented is commonplace. From buffoonery in the highest offices to the most intellectually innovative stride that human beings have ever experienced, the accelerated and compounded nature of our existence is awe-inspiring, and for many, overwhelming. Some ask, “Is this the end of times, like a biblical Armageddon?” “Or just another thrill-seeking episode on the linear trajectory of the human experiment?” I think it’s both!

Not that subscribe to any theology; in fact, I think people should practice as they wish, but personally, I have clear disdain for most organized “religion”. And mass-extinction is a compelling topic to explore! My question is how do I stay grounded and in the moment as things appear to be spinning out of control? How do a stay consistent and a rock for my community? How can I sit with you in the fire when shit is getting hot? What medium do I use to explore meaning and purpose in my time? I answer this by settling in and finding what brings me joy. For me, that is the written word and a soundtrack to walk through life.

SUIT is my soundtrack. At this stage and place in time I resolve to move to that place that explores the creative process without attachment to the result. I want to use words and songs to create my soundtrack. My desire has always been to create a cohesive body of work during my life that had some sense of spark and commentary. The SUIT project fulfills so many of my desires from this primary craft of songwriting in a collective Americana mashup, to the technical skills and expertise of a recording engineer and on to sharing the soundtrack of my life with others. Joy all around!

SUIT will explore whatever SUIT wants to explore. Birthday is the first of 10 volumes that will strive to capture what I describe as “The Raging 20’s”. The goal is to release one volume every year for the next 10 years. Sometime around the first week of December. The collection will be a sort of “historic document” as my Art Director, Jon Krop described it. I think that’s right in many ways as I view The Raging 20’s as a pivotal time in human history: either we win, or we lose. It’s as simple as that.

With that uplifting thought I will say that I like answers and insights when I hear songs and especially when I write songs. I hope you find this as you listen to the tunes. When I set out to do this project in February 2020 at the onset of the global pandemic, climate crisis bearing down on the planet, insane chaos in government across the globe, and the monetary system on the brink of collapse, my joy-goal was to make sure that every song made your toe tap or your head bob, and maybe a sparkling smile to your face. Mostly, because that’s what I wanted when I heard a song.

Diggit people!

Eric – SUIT

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