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#BlackLives MATTER #AllLivesMATTER

Chatting to my 12-year-old daughter this evening, she counseled me that my reference to #AllLivesMatter on my recent post on #Instagram was in a way a debunk of the recent, tragic, and sadly all too often regularly recurring events here in the United States. I listened to her point, she is right, there may well be some factions out there to diminish the message, but as I explained to her, my opinion is that truly #ALLLIVESMATTER.

Oppression and prejudice aren't new. My own family, the Scottish clans experienced horrendous toils at the hands of the English. Then the Irish, then the Indians. I think about how the early waves of Irish immigrants to the US were initially prejudiced against, then the Italians, then the Persians, and who knows who else next.

Sadly, prejudice is nothing new, but what I do know is that it has to STOP.

For me, my statement #AllLivesMATTER is more about the millions of people all around the world, regardless of skin, color, creed, religion, or orientation, and how they are being victimized today.

We need to understand the reality, we need to embrace the diversity of all kinds, and we need to learn how we can live in #Harmony #Peace and #Friendship #Together

There is no excuse whatsoever to support the violence and killings, the unnecessary and frankly disgusting behaviors of overly zealous and crazed Police, but this isn't just an American problem, it exists right around the world.

Let's unite together, lets learn to understand each other better and let all of us make a better world, a better peace, a better place, #TOGETHER

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