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Artists Impressions of Shackleton's Adventure to Antarctica

A life long fan of art, of stories, and of pictures that tell a tale, I found this little collection online, including those of George Marston's paintings from the 1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

George Edward Marston (19 March 1882 to 22 November 1940) was an English artist who twice accompanied Sir Ernest Shackleton on expeditions to the Antarctic, first from 1907–1909 on the Nimrod expedition, and then later from 1914–1917 on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, which ended with the crew being marooned on Elephant Island.

Marston was one of the first members to sign up for the expedition, and one of the few to have worked alongside Shackleton before. His paintings capture an age, and a moment in time long gone.

These paintings help tell the tale of amazing survival, leadership, grit, and determination as told in the book, Cold COURAGE.

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