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We The People: Are you ready for the Truth?

We're truly in a different age. Never since the 1930s has such a situation of uncertainty prevailed around the world. Navigating reality and sifting the truth from fiction has never been so complex. This is the new era of misinformation.

Are you ready for the Truth? I am.

Almost everywhere you look today, across all continents, there are issues with distilling the truth from often and mostly deliberately laid down propaganda.

The United States is a country divided by those fuelling division and hatred of an otherwise, once united nation. North Korea continues, what to most, is a futile and ridiculous pursuit to rile the rest of the world with its weapons testing and threats, meanwhile the people starve. BREXIT represents the devolution of stability. Russia continues with its antics to interfere and meddle outside its own borders. China flexing its muscles with a power play that surely is destined to result in at least regional conflict, heaven forbid if not worse.

Temperatures are rising, wildfires are consuming, ice masses are melting. Our oceans are dumps for our waste from our mostly unnecessary consumption, and a pretty much total disregard for our planet.

"Don't we all want to preserve the planet for our children and our children's children? I do, and I think that most people want that too."

We've spent coming up two years in a pandemic - the impact on people's lives, livelihoods, mental welfare, health, never mind the millions who have died as a result of COVID-19. A coincidental outbreak of an 'engineered' virus that just happened to break out in the same city as the virology lab developing the virus - but why? And, who is to be held to account?

The question is, at what point will the world stand up and be counted and make its voice heard that these are not that the acts and behaviors of progress or peace? Quite the opposite, they make no sense whatsoever to maintaining a peaceful equilibrium - isn't that what we, the people really want? I do.

It's about time that politicians everywhere embrace the people's wishes - represent us and not their own self-interests, stand up for what's right and not just the party line, do the right thing, always.

There's a definition of integrity that I believe is so true:

INTEGRITY: Is doing the right thing, always, regardless if someone is watching or not.

This is the true test of character, as the saying goes:

"If you want to really test a persons character, give them some power and see how they react."

If the key to the future lies in the past, then we must learn from what went before us. Like in the 1930s, people, communities, nations tried to avoid conflict, turn a blind eye, and inadvertently allowed, emboldened, and fueled the greatest travesty to humankind in the past century.

Let's not allow that to happen again. Together, we can make a difference, let our voices be heard, and demand the truth, now, before it's too late.

We The People: Demand Change NOW!

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Willy Mitchell is an indie author, writer, and storyteller.

Mitchell's first title was Operation ARGUS, and then the sequel Bikini BRAVO where a group of former Special Air Service operatives enter the dark and murky world of maskirovka and discover the lengths that some people will go to for power and greed.

Cold COURAGE tells the epic tale of Shackleton's 1914 Trans-Antarctic Expedition and all that was happening in those extraordinary times.

Book four, Northern ECHO tells the story of two boys growing up during the punk rock revolution in the north of England, and how a dark secret keeps them apart until the end.

Gipsy MOTH is about his Aunt Nikki, her friend, and fellow Aviatrix, Amy Johnson, and Amelia Earhart on the other side of the pond during the golden age of aviation.

SS INDIGO is due to be released by the end of 2021 and tells the story of a group of eclectic guests invited by a mysterious billionaire to a luxury cruise on the Caribbean, they all have one thing in common.

All of Mitchell's books so far are novels, works of fiction, blended with real events. For further information or how to buy his books, visit his author website:

Thank you so much for all your support, you can check out my website at and visit my Gallery and Music section to learn more.

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