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A Writers Life: Thinking about Books #6 and #7!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Now with Cold COURAGE released, and with Book #4 Northern ECHO in the publishing process, #5, Gipsy MOTH with beta-readers, I am now thinking what next? My plan is on concluding the ARGUS Series and the follow on from Operation ARGUS and Bikini BRAVO where I started my writing journey.

#6, Foxtrot OSCAR will continue the story where Operation ARGUS left off. Bella meets up with Mitch at a farmhouse just outside of Hereford, England and they go in pursuit of now confirmed terrorist Hamza Malik.

#7, Hotel ODESSA tells the story of the sell-off of the Russian oil fields in the 1990s to a tight group of men, making them billionaires overnight. A mysterious meeting in a hotel in Ukraine sets off a chain of events based on a foundation of corruption, power, greed, and great wealth.

I envisage that these two will be completed at some point in late 2021. So back to work for me!

In the meantime, thank you to all my readers, supporters, followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I hope that you are enjoying my writing journey as much as I am.

Thanks to my publisher @iUniverse, my books are available at most online retailers including iUniverse, Indiebound, and Amazon.

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