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I always thought I had at least one book in me, or so the saying goes, and that first book was Operation ARGUS,  almost four years in the making. I wanted to continue the story and expand through its sequel, Bikini BRAVO, both international thrillers. The writing bug truly took hold!

Book number three, Cold COURAGE, tells the incredible story of Shackleton's Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914, and all that was happening in those extraordinary times.

Book number four is Northern ECHO, the story of two boys growing up in the north of England during the Punk-Rock revolution and a dark secret that keeps them apart until the end. 

Book number five is Gipsy MOTH and tells the tale of Aviatrix and pioneers in the golden age of aviation, magic, mystery, and tragedy.

In my latest book, SS Indigo, Twelve's Company a group of strangers are invited to a mystery cruise in the Caribbean - they have one thing in common.

All my books are available at many online retail stores, including iUniverse, IndieBound, Amazon, and many many more.  Also available for wholesale through Ingram Global Distribution.

Welcome to my site, and I hope you enjoy the stories and how they come to life.




  1. Operation ARGUS (2018)

  2. Bikini BRAVO (2019)

  3. Cold COURAGE (2019)

  4. DRAMMING (Work in Progress)

  5. Northern ECHO (2020)

  6. Foxtrot OSCAR (TBC)

  7. Gipsy MOTH (2020)

  8. Hotel ODESSA (TBC)

  9. S.S INDIGO (2022)


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